Levanto Beaches

Levanto Beaches

The wide bay of Levanto has many types of beaches . We start our tour at La Pietra, a large cliff at the left hand side of the bay and which names the main promenade “ A Preia”. All ferry boats leave from here to go to the 5 terre / Portovenere and Portofino. The first beach in the bay is a small harbour, “Via au Moe”, behind La Pietra, sandy by the pier, stony by the access ramp, as a backdrop the gorgeous site of Villa Agnelli. This beach is ideal for snorkelling or jumping off rocks. It is shaded in the morning, so suitable for children and for those who prefer to avoid too much exposure to the sun.

The following beach is located just in front of the large arches of the main promenade and a strip of it is used for pulling up the fishing boats. This is one of the largest free beaches with the finest sand in Levanto, and it has a very shallow sea bed that stretches out from the shore (for several meters) . Ideal beach to make sand castles, play beach volley or bat and balls, for children or less proficient swimmers. The organized pay beach resorts next to it are also characterised by fine sand and shallow ocean floors .

By this point we have arrived at the beginning of the central part of the seaside promenade and of Levanto’s bay, where the old Casino’ building, dating from the 1930s, houses a beach resort of the same name, with fine sand and a large swimming pool available for the guests.

Under the old railway station, between 2 rocky piers, there is a large portion of free beach, equipped with changing rooms and showers. On the other side of Ghiararo, our town’s stream, there are 3 more beach resorts.

Beyond the harbor at the right hand side of the bay, there is Vallesanta beach, cut off from the Bernardone cliff and the long pier. Here you will also find shallow sea beds and grainy sand, perfect for children and snorkelling.

After checking out all these beaches, all you have to do is to get on a bicycle and explore the flat seaside cycle path that continues westwards from this point. You must not fail to explore the many more coves and caves and rocky beaches which can be accessed